Technology and Innovation Futures West Midlands

The Technology and Innovation Futures West Midlands project helps qualifying companies examine existing technologies, investigate new solutions and implement change. Whether it is at the leading edge or simply a new technology solution for your company we can help.

The project offers up to 4 days' worth of consultancy support to West Midlands SMEs who are looking to improve their technology. Carbon3IT Ltd is contracted with Coventry University Enterprises (CUE) Ltd to be able to provide consultancy under this scheme. There is a qualifying questionnaire which is completed and approved before any work commences and a little bit of paperwork around the project (which Carbon3IT Ltd handle) but once you qualify, you pay Carbon3IT Ltd who then assist you with claiming back 50% of the cost from CUE Ltd. Once claims are received, payments are made within 14 days, as you will have already been pre-qualified prior to any work taking place.

Our key products which qualify for funding are:

There are other areas of work covered but these are the key ones we believe could benefit SME's to reduce their energy consumption through IT. Contact us for more information if these do not cover what you are looking for.